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SuperB12 has an important role in your body and its deficiency may cause you serious health problems!

SuperB12 enables your body to function optimally by contributing to normal psychological function, normal nervous system, red blood cell formation and to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. Its deficiency in your body may decrease your cognitive abilities and cause other related issues.

We can find vitamin B12 in food of animal origin such as sea food, beef, chicken and turkey. But sufficient intake of B12 is not always enough. The absorption of vitamin B12 has proved to be difficult, as Gastric acid in our stomach, destroys most of B12. Oral spray offers a perfect solution, as absorption starts in your mouth, thus surpassing our stomach.

Ensuring sufficient intake of B12 in vegan diet is extremely difficult, as food of plant origin doesn’t contain it. Vegetarians, on the other hand consume small amounts of B12 from eggs and cottage cheese, but expert still recommend supplementing it, as normally intake is not sufficient.


To ensure sufficient and accurate vitamin B12 intake, we recommend using food supplements.


Foods of plant origin don’t contain B12, unless they are artificially fortified.

Food Serving size B12
Clams 85 g 84 mcg
Salmon 85 g 4.9 mcg
Tuna (canned) 85 g 2.5 mcg
Beef 85 g 1.5 mcg
Ham 85 g 1.5 mcg
Greek yogurt 85 g 0.75 mcg
Milk 1 glass 1.2 mcg
Egg 1 egg 0.6 mcg
Chicken 85 g 0.3 mcg



SuperB12 is a unique food supplement in form of oral spray, which contains B12 in its natural form methylcobalamin. B12 effectively contributes to normal psychological function, normal immune system, reduction of tiredness and fatigue. Oral spray guarantees superior absorption, which starts already in mouth cavity and a delicious cherry flavor, for enjoyable use. Practical packaging of spray will allow you to store it safely into your bag or pocket, so it will be there when you need it.

Amount per serving 500 μg
Flavor Cherry
Serving size 1 spray per day (enough for 125 days)
Number of servings 125