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Imunofit Junior

Imunofit Tablets





CONCENTRATIONS 1mg,2mg,3mg, 4mg and 6mg.

A formula which was evolved in Denmark is purchased and produced bySTARMEL® pharmaceuticals  in the sophisticated factories of Specifar.

This premium generic product, not only concerning it’s design and technology but also it’s optimal efficiency and high securness, constitutes a powerful tool for the treatment of schizophrenia – bipolar disease.

Tabl 1 mg Risgal® (risperidone) are white, with a line, oblong tablets
Tabl 2 mg
Risgal® (risperidone) are orange, with a line, oblong tablets
Tabl 3 mg
Risgal® (risperidone) are yellow, with a line, oblong tablets
Tabl 4 mg
Risgal® (risperidone) are green, with a line, oblong tablets

All packages are comprised of 20 tablets (2x10)

 STARMEL® pharmaceuticals is a license holder, distributor and director of promotion in Greek market.